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Suzhou Oriental Special chain factory

Suzhou Dongfang Special Chain Factory is one of the earliest professional factories in China to produce special chains and conveyor chains. In addition to providing domestic supporting services for imported equipment, some products are also exported. At the same time, there are various types of chain structures designed and developed according to the special needs of users. In addition to conventional high-quality carbon steel, the materials used for manufacturing chains also include high-quality alloy steel, heat-resistant or acid resistant stainless steel, and engineering plastics, which can meet the different needs of users. In the design and development process, new technologies, processes, materials, and structures are constantly integrated, making the products more adaptable to the requirements of the times. Therefore, Suzhou Dongfang Special Chain Factory has accumulated rich experience in the production of special chains and conveyor chains. Our factory also obtained the quality management system certification of GB/T19001-2000 (idt ISO9001:2000) in September 2002.Due to the relatively late start of chain transmission production in China, there are very few professional works in this field (and there are not many in the international community). However, with the continuous improvement of production automation in China (as production automation is basically inseparable from chain transmission), all sectors of society hope to have specialized works on chain transmission (especially chain transmission) to introduce relevant knowledge. To this end, Suzhou Dongfang Special Chain Factory relied on its own technical strength and combined with the elites of the national chain industry, and in September 1992, it first published a monograph on chain transmission, "Chain Transmission Design and Application Manual" (Mechanical Industry Press). Due to its great popularity and extensive consultation after publication, a second monograph titled "Application Manual for Conveyor Chain and Special Chain Engineering" was published in September 2000 (Mechanical Industry Press), providing a good technical reference for engineering and technical personnel. With the rapid development of modern society and the increasing demand for material transportation in the market, the use of chains is becoming increasingly widespread,

The chain name code (abbreviated as chain number), which represents the structural form and functional characteristics of the conveyor chain, is labeled separately in domestic factories without a unified standard notation. This makes it increasingly difficult for users and business personnel who are not engaged in conveyor chain production to understand and choose. Therefore, we compiled the structural types and corresponding chain numbers of various representative conveyor chains developed by our factory into a book and published the "Practical Atlas of Conveyor Chains and Special Chains" in August 2014 (China Standard Press, China Quality Inspection Press), so that readers can understand and familiarize themselves with the meaning of these chain numbers and the corresponding conveyor chains they represent, so that they can choose them correctly. At the same time, for some domestically produced chains designed and developed, as there are no standards to rely on domestically or internationally, we, as the main drafter, have formulated Chinese standards for these chains, such as JB/T7364-1994 "Double Speed Conveyor Chains" (revised, now JB/T7364-2014 "Double Speed Conveyor Chains and Sprockets"); JB/T8546-1997 "Double Articulated Conveyor Chains" (revised, now JB/T8546-2011 "Double Articulated Conveyor Chains") and JB/T8920-1999 "Engineering Plastic Inner Chain Lightweight Conveyor Chains", etc. Also won the third prize for scientific and technological progress from the former Ministry of Machinery Industry.

Company Advantages


We are a professional manufacturer of various transmission and conveyor chains, and can customize various non-standard chains according to customer requirements.

Technology and equipment

Our company has strong technical strength, complete production equipment, and complete testing methods.

Product advantages

The chain operates at low speed, and the movement speed of the tooling plate and conveying materials can be increased by more than twice the speed of the chain. While maintaining high conveying efficiency, the chain operates smoothly, with low noise, low wear, and long service life.

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