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Suzhou Dongfang Special Chain Factory is one of the earliest professional factories in China to produce special chains. In addition to producing varieties of equipment imported from abroad, there are also some products exported. We are a professional manufacturer of chains with special needs from users, covering a wide range of industries.

Suzhou Dongfang Special Chain Factory is a professional manufacturer of various transmission and conveying chains. We can customize various non-standard chains according to customer requirements. The main products include various non-standard chains, sprockets, double speed chains, and various special chains. Our products are designed and manufactured by our company according to customer needs. The company has strong technical strength, complete production equipment, and complete testing methods. All indicators of the chain comply with national and international standards. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Our motto is "quality first, customer first".
Double speed chain, also known as differential chain or differential chain, is characterized by a different movement speed between the chain and the material being transported. Double speed chain conveyor is a commonly used transportation equipment in industrial automation equipment production.

The chain operates at low speed, and the movement speed of the tooling plate and conveying materials can be increased by more than twice the speed of the chain. While maintaining high conveying efficiency, the chain operates smoothly, with low noise, low wear, and long service life. The weight and service life of the chain are better than conveyor chains with horizontal wings. The entire conveying device is lightweight and starts quickly.

Due to the friction transmission between the fixture plate and the roller, the possible slip difference between the fixture plate and the roller is utilized to allow the fixture plate to stay in a certain position when the chain moves forward at the original speed, thereby controlling the delivery rhythm of the material. The double speed chain conveyor is mainly used for conveying materials on the assembly line. The conveying principle is to use the speed increasing function of the speed multiplying chain to make the tooling plate supporting the goods run quickly, and can stop at the corresponding operation station through the set interceptor, or complete the cumulative emission, displacement, transposition and other functions through the corresponding command.
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